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Shipping Options are hidden to customers with the incorrect address, ensure that your address, suburb, state, postcode and country are all correctly imputed in the correct sections. Our address validation tool uses Google to search for valid addresses. If you address is failing to validate on our site, try searching your address on Google and double check details are correct. If after this shipping options are still not showing please contact us.  

Our team ensures that every item to leave the warehouse is in perfect condition and secured within their packaging. Unfortunately, once the items have left the Print Geek Group Warehouse all items are handled by third party freight company’s. Damaged items are NOT covered by Sublimation Supplies unless insurance has been purchased via the checkout window. Insurance is optional and is not refunded if items have been successfully delivered. 

When your printer is flashing all of the lights at you your printer may be at the end of its service life. You can try turning the printer off and back on. Unfortunately, by converting printers you are agreeing to void the warranty supplied by the manufacturer. If a printer is flashing lights straight after opening the packaging and the inital fill does not complete you may be in for a Dead On Arrival (DOA) claim. Contact Us for further assistance.

First step is the check the tracking on your completed order email, this email is sent via our [email protected] email. Your tracking number is displayed and by clicking on it you will see the tracking. If you order has still not arrived by the ETA is upcoming, please wait until that date before enquiring for a lost package. If the ETA date has passed you can contact us for a lost or missing parcel enquiry. 

Keep in mind that freight company’s can be affected by multiple factors that can result in delayed or lost packages. Please be patient during times of increased traffic through the postal service. (November, December) 

Horizontal Lines are what the printing industry call “Banding”, this can be caused by a variety of things, here are some quick fixes that can hopefully sort things out;

  1. Refer to your printer setup instructions and ensure that settings are correct. 
  2. Check that Bi-Directional Printing is OFF for converted model printers (ET1800-ET5000 Series). 
  3. Check Print Speed or Print Quality is set to the lowest printing option with the highest quality printing. 
  4. Ensure that your print head has no blockages, this can be completed via a Nozzle Check. 
  5. Perform a head clean on the printer to attempt to unblock an refresh ink in the print head.

If these steps do not resolve your issue contact us and let us know that you have already tried the following. 

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