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After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2017

Instead of jumping head first into sublimation, we started with a retail site and great business create and ship our products.  Within a short period of time, we started subbing our own products with a converted printer and a small set up, which we loved.

Quickly we required more output, moving to a large format Epson and bringing in more sub blanks, presses and alike.  Our customers love us for pricing, quality and shipping speed, which prompted us to take the next step!

Sublimation Blanks Supplies Australia Qld NSW Vic SA NT WA
Sublimation Blanks Sea Supplies Australia Qld NSW Vic SA NT WA
Sublimation is cheap, but doesn't have to look cheap!

Quality Products

We found that a lot of the sublimation wholesalers were concentrating on the cheapest blanks available, which is not the brand image we wanted.

After many imports, failures and wasted money, we have a small selection of great quality products that are real money makers and last the test of time!

Keeping it simple

We’re just getting started

Our idea is to never have a boardroom, never get too big, work on selling quality products at a great price, enabling all the subbers in Australia to produce great products and make some money in their every day hustle.

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A Print Geek Group Business

Our incredible team are here for you

Chris Symes Sublimation Supplies

Chris Symes

Full of knowledge but forever busy, "Just doing my best every day and trying to be better than yesterday!"
Tim Schmidt Sublimation Supplies

Tim Schmidt

Tim is an amazing, driven young guy that has absorbed so much knowledge in such a small time. Most common line: "How can I help!"
Josette Camacho 1

Josette Camacho

Josette is known for her lovely nature and friendly attitude. Here most common statement is "I'm here to help!"
Jade Dixon 1

Jade Dixon

Picking and Printing
Jade is an experienced in sublimation and clothing production, understands the importance of getting orders right the first time.
Pleasure to deal with and always there to help out and answer questions, sometimes after hours, which is quite helpful when your starting out like I am.
Taylor Anne
Taylor Ann
The level of service and speed of delivery from the guys is fantastic. They always work with you on the cheapest and quickest dispatch method, can not recommend enough!
Fatimah Mourad
Syndey, Australia
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Quality Products

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Quality Products

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