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Epson F160 Sublimation Printer Australia Cost Comparison

When selecting the right printer to start your merchandise line or home business, it’s important to calculate the ownership cost over the entire lifecycle of the printer. We have tried to provide a simple and easy to follow cost comparison below, if you have any questions about the F160, please call on 1300 426 438.

Epson SC-F160 vs Sawgrass SG500 vs ET2700 Product Comparisons

FeatureEpson F160Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500Epson ET2700*
Initial Cost$1149.00$990.00$398.00
Sublimation Ink Included1120ml124ml0ml
Paper Included300 Sheets
($98.85 Value)
Warranty1 Years (3r Optional $200)2 Years0 Years
On Site Cover1 Years (3r Optional $200)0 Years0 Years
Hard / Soft Substrate ICC ProfilesIncludedIncludedNot Included
Wifi ConnectivityYesYesYes
Print SizeA4A4A4
Page Print Speed65s per A425s per A4180s per A4
Replacement ink cost per 100ml (CMYK Set of 4)$139.80$1225.81#$100 (EST)
Design SoftwareNot IncludedIncludedNot Included
* Based upon converted printer with sublimation ink.# Based upon 31ml cartridges at $95 per cartridge, $3.064 per ml. 100ml x $3.064 x 4 colours = $1225.81

Epson F160 vs Sawgrass SG500 vs ET2700

3 Year Lifetime Comparison

CostEpson F160Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500Epson ET2700*
Initial Cost$1149.00$990.00$398.00
Sublimation Ink @200ml per year1$838.80/3yr$7354.83/3yr$600.00/3yr
Printer Error Waste Products2$0/3yr$0/3yr$3120/3yr
Design SoftwareVariableIncludedVariable
Total Cost 3 Years3$1987.80$8344.83$4118.00
1 This does not account for the ink initially supplied with printers. ET2700 based upon conversion printer ink of medium quality. 2 The allowance for wasted blanks is based upon $20 per week over 52 weeks, for 3 years, this allows for incorrect colours and waste ink droppage on paper due to printer not being designed for sublimation. Example would be one phone case, one mouse pad, one mug and one tumbler, easily accounting for $20. 3 From reliable sources, Sawgrass printers do consume approx. 20% less ink than the Epson to produce the same result.

In summary, we believe that the Epson F160 is the clear winner, even if you pay for the best and most expensive graphical design software in the market (Photoshop) and allow $1500.00 for this application including updates and many more features than you would ever need, the Epson comes in under half price of the cost of ownership of the Sawgrass.

Epson Desktop Converted Printers.

Whilst we list the potential losses due to wasted merchandise, we believe this can be reduced by purchasing a high quality ink for sublimation, most notable would be Izumi Japanese inks that come with Colour Profiles to reduce this wastage, but also come at a higher price (Justifiable).

The untold cost for using cheap inks without colour profiles in not measurable, many starter sublimation start ups, trying to use these inks without colour profiles, leading to frustration and failure. Most sublimation start ups fail due to lack of initial investment in the correct equipment.

We suggest in order of our preference:

  1. Epson Dedicated Dye Sublimation Printer.
  2. Epson Converted Dye Sublimation Printer (With high quality name brand ink and ICC profile)
  3. Sawgrass Virtuoso Printers. (These are great printers and high speed, so if you are doing high volume, this printer may still be for you!)
  4. Epson Converted Dye Sublimation Printer (With cheap ink and no ICC profile) = DONT DO IT!

We have tried to be as subjective as possible, if you have any feedback or any of the statistics or costs have changed from the time of this listing, please update us with the relevant links and information at [email protected].

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